Domain Mapping (Custom URLs)

It is possible for you to have a custom URL (hostname) that redirects to your site. A custom URL is often easier to remember and looks better on promotional material. This feature is called “Domain Mapping”.

The first step is to register your hostname. Please talk to your host manager about the process for doing this. Once you have a hostname, your host manager needs to create a CNAME record in Proteus that points to Note: because Proteus checks permissions on both the source and destination record, your host manager may not have enough permissions to create a CNAME that points to Please contact if this is the case.

The second step is to tell WordPress that this new hostname points to your site. Log in to your site. Under “Tools” click on “Domain Mapping”. Enter your new hostname and click “Add”. It should appear in a list along with your primary ( domain.

Proteus reloads every two hours. So on the next reload your hostname will become active and start redirecting to your blog.