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Outlook Tip: Saving pre-written messages as email signatures

Sometimes it is very handy to have specific email messages pre-written and ready to send again and again with minor revision. For example, instructors may have very similar announcements to send to students at the beginning of each semester, or … Continue reading

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Forming Groups in Compass

Last week I discussed some of the benefits of teaching with groups, as well as some things to be aware of. This week I’ll share some tips for creating groups in Compass. Group Manager is found in the Teach tab … Continue reading

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Drawing Tools for iPad

This weekend I discovered two free drawing apps for the iPad that may come in handy in the classroom and one may even prove useful for creating pre-lecture materials. The simpler of the two is Bamboo Paper by Wacom. This app is akin … Continue reading

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Collaborative Learning: Group Projects

Current teaching theories are characterized by a “social” view of learning which emphasizes student collaboration and group activities. John Seely Brown and Richard Adler in their article Minds on Fire, describe this as: “we participate, therefore we are.” Group projects … Continue reading

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Google Art Project

If you’re a fan of ARTstor or even if you aren’t, you should take a look at Google Art Project. Google used it’s Street View technology to enable viewers to tour art several museums around the world. What about the … Continue reading

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How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

The following infographic displays some of the major changes in education due to the availability of the Internet. One data point shows that the University of Phoenix first accepted students in 1989, and twelve students enrolled; the University now enrolls … Continue reading

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i>clicker2: Coming this Summer

i>clicker2 is coming out this summer and offers a plethora of improvements over the original, while keeping it’s easy to use nature. The most notable changes include the ability for students to enter in letters and numbers (alphanumerics), an LCD … Continue reading

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Moving Compass Files Quickly and Easily

Scenario: You’re looking through your course content and realize that something you need–a rubric for web projects–is stored in another course site. If this content is on your computer you could load it again. But what if it’s not? Moving … Continue reading

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