How-To Tuesday: RSS for Teaching, Learning, & Research

Join us in 23 Illini Hall today at 1:30 pm for a How-To Tuesday workshop on using RSS for teaching, learning, and research. This hands-on workshop will explain what exactly RSS is, and how follow blogs and other websites using a feed reader.

Participants will set up a Google account (if they haven’t already) and subscribe to feeds via Google Reader. Once we get past the basics, we’ll explore ways to fine-tune and customize the feed-reading experience.

View the Slideshare presentation for a tutorial and links to resources:

UPDATE: For those of you who are looking for more information on selecting specific content from a bigger feed (i.e., subscribing to a large website for ONLY the articles about, say, trees) there is an article on the Lifehacker blog that explains a couple options for this using Yahoo Pipes or Feed Rinse. These options require creating an account to use the various services, but if it helps you narrow down your feed to only the information you want to follow, it could be worth your time.

About Anne McKinney

Anne McKinney is an eLearning Specialist for CITES Academic Technology Services and the College of Business at the University of Illinois.
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