Controlling the layout of pages on the new, improved CITES Wiki

Big news! In August, CITES rolled out a new version of our campus wiki service. Some things have changed, some things are easier.

This is a quick (surprisingly simple) primer on how to take charge of the layout of your Wiki pages in the new system.

Click on the “Layout” button to expand the ruler.
The formatting ruler of a wiki page, with formating ruler expanded.

Click one of the diagrams of columns to format it. Sections and Columns work like table rows and cells the way the used to be used to lay out Web pages. You can add multiple sections this way to arrange content just the way you want it.

If you want more control, you can use three macros: Section, Column, and Panel.

Macros are little add-ons that add functionality to wiki pages. You can insert a macro by clicking on the plus-sign in the ruler and choosing Other Macros from the menu.The Plus menu, showing Other Macros is the last item.  Adding a column this way allows you to precisely control the width.

This will give you a pop-up window with a list of all the macros available. There’s a bunch of them, so generally you’ll want to use Control-F or Apple-F to search the list. Repeating this for every section and column will get old fast, but there’s an easier way.

In previous versions, you added a macro by typing its name in curly brackets. Now if you start to type a macro, the editor will auto-complete, to insert the macro for you.

So, if you type “{section. . .” that’s what you’ll get, and the same with “{column}.”

The advantage to adding them with this method is that it gives you more control of the attributes, like the width of the columns.

One macro you might find useful is “{panel}” This puts a box around text and images with a border and a background color. Here’s an example using all three:
Screenshot of a wiki page, with text and image in two columns, with a title and box drawn around the image

You can request a wiki space and get started today!

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  1. alanb says:

    I would say the visual editor has improved. That’s what all my instructions above are for.

  2. Alex Buka says:

    I love Wiki. The only thing working weird is WYSIWYG. Has it improved? Anybody used it the new version?

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