EDUCAUSE Learning Institute (ELI) Fall 2014 Focus Session

Re-Imagining Learning Spaces: Design, Technology, and Assessment

When: October 28 and 29, 11 AM – 2:30 PM (Central Time)
Where: 2405 Siebel Center
Please RSVP by visiting:

We plan to offer light refreshments.

Join us to exchange ideas and collaborate interactively with the teaching and learning community. Learning spaces remain foundational to successful learning, and their design and outfitting provide a mixture of affordances and constraints—the key is getting it right. Successful integration of Information technology and innovative designs have brought unique capabilities to learning spaces, which enable greater interaction through the use of collaborative and mobile tools, team-based course models, videoconferencing with remote experts, makerspaces, and new instructional designs like flipped learning, to name but a few. Join us as we discuss the landscape of today’s learning spaces on the following themes:

•    Determining the effectiveness and impact of new model learning spaces on student learning, engagement, and effective instruction
•    Exploring how innovative space designs can facilitate and support new learning approaches, like the flipped classroom
•    Reviewing faculty development programs that support optimal use of learning space through the application of active or collaborative pedagogies
•    Understanding classroom technologies that support or enhance teaching and learning in model learning spaces

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Sponsored by
Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES)
Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL)
University Library

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