Reviewing Student Submissions from the Compass 2g Grade Center

You can check to see if there is a submission for a student by accessing the individual submission in the Full Grade Center. You can also follow these steps if you would like to check and see the comments you left for a student when you graded their work.

Once at the Full Grade Center, you have to find the cell by alligning the student’s name with the column that’s associated with the Assignment. One tip is to hide all the other rows so that the cell easy to find, click the action arrow next to the student’s name and select Hide Other Rows:


You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar to find the column.

Once you locate the column, a student’s attempt that is not graded will be indicated with a yellow icon: click the Action Arrow then click the attempt. The student’s attempt is indicated in the dropdown menu by the date it was submitted:


After clicking the attempt, you can then proceed to grade the paper or if there is already a score logged, you can review the students work and the comments you left.

How to Clear an Attempt or Allow Additional Submissions

If you only allowed one attempt and the student would like to re-submit, click the View Grade Details option in the dropdown pictured above, then click the Clear Attempt button to remove the previous submission, or you can click the Allow Additional Attempt button:



When you see two dashes in the cell it indicates that there is no paper to grade and that nothing was submitted:


Need further help locating a lost submission or past work you graded? Contact us through the CITES Help Desk and we’ll investigate.

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