How Students Review Test Questions and Feedback in Compass 2g

Often times students have difficulty locating where they can view the feedback you left them on an online test, or seeing the correct answers and the questions to study from. This is because it’s not immediately apparant how to see the test feedback especially if the link to the test is no longer available for the students to click on.

In order to view the test responses, feedback, and view the questions a student has to first click on My Grades then click on the Test. After they click on the test they’ll see the Assessment Details page. The student then needs to click on their numeric score:


This is confusing because it’s not apparent to students that the score is a link that can be clicked on. After clicking the score they’ll be brought to the page where they can see the Test results and feedback.

If you want to review and edit what feedback the students can see and when that feedback is available, you need to go to where the test is deployed, click the action arrow to the right and select Edit the Test Options. Scroll down and look for the section called Show Test Results and Feedback to Students:


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