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This file provides an large list of apps for special education and is organized by the following categories: communication, organization, reading, writing, math, music, art, song, game and accessibility.

Sharing Timer

Sharing Timer is an affordable app ($7.99) that allows its end users to set up an engaging turn taking schedule with visual and auditory feedback. This looks like it may be age-appropriate and useful for all ages in both home and school settings. For individuals with moderate-severe disabilities such as significant intellectual disabilities and/or autism, waiting and taking turn can be challenging. Visual supports may be necessary well into adult-hood and possibly indefinitely depending on the activity. This app was developed by Handhold Adaptive, LLC. The same company also developed iPrompts. iPrompts┬« featured on local TV news . This app comes with a library of visuals. Custom symbols and photos can be used and costs 49.99. There are several drawbacks to this app. It currently does not support video or audio. It also was originally designed for the iPod. A second version is available for the iPad. If the iPod version is used on the iPad resolution will be lost if re-sized to fit the screen. The library of visuals vary in quality and individuals who are accustomed to other symbol libraries may not recognize some of the images in the library. Importing images needs to be done one by one and may be time consuming. The lack of audio feedback appears to be the biggest drawback as someone else will need to give a verbal cue to the individual, i.e. “When the green in gone, it is time to…..”.

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