More on Mobile Technologies for Students with Disabilities

Interactive visual supports for children with autism

These are comparison photos that show the difference between traditional supports and supports displayed using mobile technologies. ¬†Displayed on the wall are individual student schedules. The smaller device in the second picture is a mobile device that makes the child’s schedule portable, more engaging and it saves considerable wall space!

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Hayes, G. R., Hirano, S., Marcu, M. M., Nguyen, D. H. & Yeganyan, M. (2010). Interactive visual supports for children with autism. Pers Ubiquit Comput, 14, 663-680.

Nirvi, S. (2011). Special ed. pupils find learning tool in iPad applications.Education Week. 30(22), 1-17. 

This article describes several examples of iPads being used with students with disabilities. For example, in Orange County Department of Education about 100 iPads are being used by 550 students with disabilities to work on life skills within the community. The portability and social acceptability of the iPad makes it conducive to community based instruction.





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