Copyright Education Workshop Details

This website serves as a copyright information resource intended for the instructors, researchers, and librarians of Illinois with the goals of:

  • Increasing confidence in copyright use
  • Informing users of copyright resources available to them
  • Empowering users with knowledge about their own copyrights
  • Facilitating correct use of copyrighted material in the classroom for valuable educational purposes

We are creating an online resource with the information, tools, links, and educational materials that other Illinois universities may find helpful when creating their own Copyright Education Program.  Visitors to this site are encouraged to do any of the following:

  • Use this site as a base and modify it to make your own copyright website
  • Use the information and materials on the site as a source to inform your own website
  • Use the educational materials provided to build your own Copyright Education Program
  • Direct researchers, instructors, and librarians to the site if they would like more information on copyright

Because copyright law is interpretive, this website does not offer definitive or legal answers.

By presenting copyright information in a hands-on manner, we wish to remove the doubt and confusion surrounding both the use of others’ copyrights and our own.

Please visit the about page for more information on the program.