Exceptions & Limitations Tools

University of Minnesota fair use analysis tool University of Minnesota’s Fair Use Analysis Tool: An interactive page that helps you to think through your use of a work so that you can decide if it is fair.
Columbia fair use checklist Columbia University’s Fair Use Checklist: A pdf checklist developed to help you think through your use of a work and record your thought process.
ALA fair use evlauator American Library Association Fair Use Evaluator: A tool that helps you to evaluate the ‘fairness’ of your use.
University of Minnesota Copyright Decision Map Copyright Decision Map: A map that guides you through the information you need to know when deciding whether to use a work.
UIUC fair use checklist Copyright Education & Consultation Program Checklist: A pdf checklist to help you think through fair use.  Fill it out and keep a copy for  your own record keeping.
fair use for instructors Fair Use Exceptions for Instructors Tool: An interactive tool that collects and summarizes information about a work you plan to use in the classroom.

Copyright Term Tools

Copyright terms Copyright Term and Public Domain in the U.S.: A chart that shows what types of works are in the public domain based on authorship, date of publication, and more.
Copyright term digital slider Digital Copyright Slider: An interactive tool that shows what works are now in the public domain.

Copyright in Libraries – Section 108 Tools

Section 108 Spinner Section 108 Spinner: An interactive tool that looks at several aspects of Section 108 to help you determine if and how a library may copy a work.