Many colleges offer tutorials that are designed for different audiences and users who have varying levels of background knowledge about copyright. Below is a list of tutorials that are particularly comprehensive and, in some cases, particularly unique.

  • Copyright Law for Librarians: This is an extremely detailed tutorial that is broken down into 9 modules.  Each module includes learning objectives, a case study, and links to external articles for extra information.
  • Texas Crash Course: This tutorial covers copyright basics, fair use, public domain, and more.  It has a short quiz at the end and will email you a completion certificate after you have taken it.
  • Brigham-Young University Tutorial: This tutorial is broken into three modules that cover copyright basics, fair use, examples, and more.  It also includes a final game that presents copyright questions in a game-show format.
  • Maricopa Community College Tutorial: A tutorial directed at students that covers the basics of copyright.  It includes short scenarios after the introduction of each topic.